Hello world!

This is my very first post. Confession: not the best writer! That may make you wonder why I am deciding to write a blog. The answer is two fold. Number one, I have thought about doing it for a long time to show friends what we grow, how we grow it and how to harvest it. Number two, a friend told me to. How is that for caving into peer pressure! I guess Ashia telling me to start a blog was the little push I needed.

Our little 1/4 lot
This is the little bed our garden used to be…below is the transition from concrete to a beautiful space for GARDEN!

2012-10-13_14-22-11_608 2012-10-13_15-08-49_710 2013-08-27 08.18.58 2013-10-23 12.05.25 2013-10-21 08.05.02 2013-09-02 15.32.55


Our largest garden bed has four permanent beds with a path down the center and aisles in-between the beds. The first bed is approx 2′ across, while the rest of the beds are approx 4′ across. We have found that this 4′ measurement is probably a little longer than we would do in the future. The wood chip mulch over the entire garden helps keep down weeds, retain moisture and slowly breakdown to put more nutrients back into the soil. A big thing we learned is that the wood chips need to be worked every few weeks if possible to keep them loose. We learned about this wood chip method from Back to Eden. This documentary changed our view on gardening.

Since I am new to this blogging thing I will post as there are potentially interesting things around the home. This could be anything from seed saving, harvesting produce, storing produce, canning, chickens, etc. I am in the middle of harvest season so there could be quite a few posts coming your way!

Hope you enjoy the pics 🙂


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