Let us grow lettuce


Today’s topic is obviously LETTUCE! Now some may think lettuce season is finished…which would NOT be true! Lettuce can have both a spring and fall harvest if you remember to plant a second crop…but I am here to talk about seed saving for lettuce!

I grew two kinds of lettuce this year (butter crunch which is a head lettuce and a red romaine) Once harvest time was done this spring we let the heads bolt!

Bolted lettuce!
Bolted lettuce!

Picking the seed off of the dandelion like heads is as easy as it can get…

2015-09-06 17.03.21

Picking the seed head
Picking the seed head

2015-09-23 14.35.43

Then you just place it in a container

2015-09-23 14.41.49 2015-09-06 17.33.02

And winnow the chaff…which I discussed in the flax post 🙂

2015-09-23 14.44.11

Eh whalah... SEED!
Eh whalah… SEED!

How easy is that?!?! You can also just knock the seed off the plant onto the ground for you fall planting! Though that has given me quite a few plant out there!!!

Have you ever tried harvesting lettuce seed or will you now?!?! Leave your comments below!


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