Is your vanilla pure?

Did you know that vanilla can say that it is pure vanilla extract and contain other things like corn syrup? To be defined as a “pure” vanilla extract, according to the FDA, the vanilla flavor must come from vanilla beans and has to be made from at least 35% alcohol and 1 unit of vanilla beans per gallon. That being said they don’t care what else is in the vanilla extract. 

That just bugs me…so I make my own vanilla!

2016-02-10 15.48.50.jpg

All you need is cheap vodka and vanilla beans! Easy enough. I also purchased amber bottles because the extract degrades less over time by being protected from light.

The vanilla beans have this easy following, and fool proof guide…

2016-02-10 15.48.55

So I weigh out my beans…which was a little over 1/16 of a lb. so I measured out 1/16 lb (1 oz) to make 1 cup of vanilla extract.

2016-02-10 15.51.28

I chopped up the beans into small pieces

2016-02-10 15.52.18

Added the vodka to the bottle

2016-02-10 15.50.45

Added the beans into the bottle

2016-02-10 15.53.10

Shakey shakey

2016-02-10 15.53.21

And then place it in a cabinet (to keep the light off of it…but I really do it just to get it out of the way)

2016-02-10 15.53.32

Then over the next month I shake it daily, strain out the vanilla beans, and wahlah vanilla extract of the purest form (plus it tastes wonderful!)

This was one of my first eye opening “real food” experiences, learning that vanilla extact can claim to be 100% pure and really isn’t! I also learned how easy it was to make and so went to it. Hope this little blog post was quick and easy enough that you may want to go make your own 🙂


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