Homestead Horrors

I am sure we all have these days where things don’t go quite right. Where animals get hurt, where plants don’t grow, where the dish I made for dinner didn’t taste nearly as good as it smelled…that is what I call a homestead horror.

This will be a little new category for this page of failures & believe me I am sure there will be plenty. 

My homestead horror for this week was unfortunately my onions and leeks. I planted them three weeks ago, and still nothing.

We got these babies all snug in their dirt, on their heat mats and watered in. And still NOTHING. Then I remembered last year. We had bought this potting mix, and transplanted tomatoes into it…and my nice started seedlings…ALL DIED! So why did I give this potting mix a second chance? WHO KNOWS!!!!

But I did and here we are…no growing leeks or onions…same seed starting mix as last year…and nothing…again!

2016-02-15 20.29.04<<Seemed like a good mix, but for some reason nothing wants to grow in this.

SOOO when I made up my starting blocks, this plant mix went in the compost and I grabbed my new soil…and…walah!

2016-02-29 11.00.05-1.jpg

Now I do have to note with the soil blocks the hardest part is keeping them moist enough, consistently…you will see the edge seeds didn’t sprout, and they never did. Now I am guessing this is due to inconsistent watering, because they are always the driest blocks and they always seem to be the edge ones.

I will be doing a blog later on what I like and don’t about the soil blocks so we can get a real look at if it is worth it or not!

But with the flop of the onions and leeks and the little lesson on soil blocks, I guess that makes two homestead horrors this week…oh well, like they always say “Live and learn!” and I definitely am!

Have you had any homestead horrors this week?

4 thoughts on “Homestead Horrors

  1. I had a homestead horror. I only had 4 out of 18 Asparagus seeds sprout. And none of the 18 Artichoke seeds I planted sprouted at all =/ Super sad I won’t get to try them this year. The good news is the 4 Asparagus that have sprouted look REALLY healthy so hopefully all 4 will survive until it’s planting time.

    Now my tomatoes are sprouting and I’m excited to have tomatoes this year at least ^.^


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