Welcome Spring!

We probably all have noticed the beautiful weather that is coming about (at least here in Wisconsin!), people are out jogging, dogs are being walked, and today I even saw my tulips were starting to come up! (NO JOKE!) I love these signs of spring! Spring triggers my inner gardener urge to plant stuff and play in dirt!

2016-03-08 08.30.49.jpg

This past week I kept getting asked, “is it too late for me to start seeds?”, “what are you growing now?”, “what should I be planting next?” To answer these questions I am going to make a little week by week what is being planted (at least for us in zone 5). Now I would have already had my onions and leeks started (but they were a total flop this year…see that story here)…those were started in the middle of February. The very end of February, I started my cabbage, broccoli, and kohlrabi. Today I tried to “pot up” my soil blocks of these guys to the next size, and we can just call that a homestead horror too! The next size soil block I had would not fit my small block, so when I tried to place it in it smooched out the bigger soil block and decimated the big block. That is why instead of potting up, I just placed the small soil blocks in the normal 3×3 cells, which I was trying to avoid but it was a great fall back! This way I at least know all 9 cells germinated and are containing plants, which helps to not waste space (ultimately my goal).

That brings us to this week (approx 8 weeks before last frost). This is a big planting week for most things. This week I am planting basil, peppers, tomatoes, kale, celery and parsley, if I get to all of it. But at the very least I want to get in my basil, peppers, tomatoes and kale.

2016-03-08 10.29.48.jpg

At this time, I would also be searching for potatoes and onions I want to order. Now there are some awesome kinds of potatoes, but since we are HOPING to move this year I didn’t want to spend too much, so I will probably just pick some up at Jack and Dick’s along with my onion bunches. My potatoes we get are one red variety and one white variety. The red is usually way more delicious but they don’t last as long through the winter so we pick up a white variety (that is still good) for the end of winter. We also will buy onions because of my failure of growing onions this year! The types on onions we buy are usually red candy (a red sweet onion), a walla walla (a yellow sweet onion) and some sort of white sweet (which ever looks best to me that year). We also buy table onions for longer term storage, but they may have a bit more bite to them!

Well that should get everyone through this week for planting seeds! If you need tips on supplies, or where to order seeds (thought probably a little late this year), or anything else I am always glad to answer questions! Leave your questions in the comments or follow us over at Facebook && HAPPY PLANTING!



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