Holy Week on the Homestead

As a Christian, Holy week is a big deal! It is the great coming of our King into Jerusalem, Him giving up his life for all of us, and ends at the wonderful RESURRECTION! Holy week while it has many big events in my faith, it also marks some events in the gardening community. My husband was always taught by his dad that Good Friday is the day to get potatoes and onions in the ground!

So this week on the homestead here are some things we are up to:

  1. Watching all our little seedlings! I am bad at this and since we have a small set up, if I don’t keep up on watering the seedlings they soil can dry out and kill some cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi…but let’s just act like that is not a homestead horror this past week :-\ I also combat this though by over planting seedlings for ourselves.

  2. My father-in-law made me some stakes, for the portable small green house my mom bought me last year for Christmas, so that it will stay in place! This year, the plan is to keep my peppers in this greenhouse until temps are above 55-60 degrees since they like it hot, this will help keep them warm and growing well.
  3. Tim has been working on finishing up the handles for the broadfork. He has attached shims to the handles so they fit nice into the steel holders. He also finished painting the broadfork so that it has some rust protection.
  4. Pick up our onion and potatoes to plant outside, maybe not Good Friday like normal, but within the next week.
  5. Lastly, we will be pruning our grapes before the vines start budding.

Now that we have most all the seedlings started, minus the melons, paying attention to make sure they don’t out grow their containers is important. I enjoy watching the seedlings start to emerge from the soil, see them put on their first true leaves, and watch as they get stronger and healthier.

I love everything about this week! The new life that is emerging from the dead; the picture is just so beautiful on this Holy Week! God is so good and He always gives such awesome reminders that point us back to His Son! Praising God for the seasons and new life!


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