What a Glorious Day!

The broad fork is done! Steel is cut, welded together, hardened, painted, and the wood handles are in place! This has been a work in progress since Christmas but, Today…TODAY, I USED MY BROAD FORK! Now I do have to admit the broad fork is heavy (probably 30-50lbs), but it works wonders. 

The broad fork was used today to help prepare the potato bed. In preparing the potato bed, we decided to broad fork it, this should help aerate and decompress the soil, so the potatoes can grow larger.

2016-03-29 11.44.05.jpgThe bed in the upper left, that seems darker than the other beds, is the broad forked bed. You can see how little the layers were turned as most of the wood chips still remain on top. Also to prepare the bed I removed the weeds and any large sticks (since we have a tree right over the garden…that ALWAYS DROPS STICKS!).

2016-03-29 11.44.22

As you can see the bed is weed free, stick free (minus all that mulch ;)) and fluffy looking! With all the weeds I pulled out let’s just say the chickens had a great time being my clean up crew.

Yep the chickens had a great day and so did I. My great day was not just because of FINALLY being able to use my broad fork, but also cleaning up around my daffodils and seeing them grow. The daffodils were brought home to me two years ago by my husband. He found this large clump of them at the town’s yard waste site and thought I would enjoy them! Well he is right! I love watching them come up every year and think about how much he thought of me those years ago!

^^2014 when I first planted and got the daffodils^^^

^^^2015 all bloomed ^^^2016 ready for some beautiful flowers^^^

I love flowers and most flowers that people get die after a few days, but these babies bloom year after year and I get to be reminded of my sweet husband! Also feeling pretty good about how well my cabbage, broccoli, and kohlrabi seedlings are doing.

2016-03-29 08.56.45-2

So keeping you in the loop as to what is happening at our homestead this week:

  1. Goal is to get the potatoes and onion sets in the ground TODAY
  2. Move the pea trellis this week so the peas can go in the ground next week
  3. I just finished pruning the grapes (THIS IS PROBABLY WAYYYY TOO LATE but they were bad and it needed to be done)
  4. && inside stuff to get the house ready for sale (lots of prayers needed)
  5. Keep an eye on the seedlings
  6. Put together my greenhouse

What is going on at your homestead this week?

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