April showers bring May flowers


Spring keeps moving forward and fast, though the weather hasn’t made up its mind between snowing, raining, sleeting and sunshine. I have a hard time keeping straight the days and weeks so it is a good thing I planned out my calendar over the winter. Below is a little checklist I put together for this first week of April…

Onto the checklist:

  1. Move our pea trellis ✅
    2016-04-04 17.43.56
  2. Plant the first round of peas ✅
  3. Start hardening off the kale, broccoli, cabbage, and kohlrabi
  4. Weed the greens area (checkish…I weeded the spinach area but still have the lettuce and all that to do) When I am prepping beds, I pull off the wood chips, grab the dandelion puller and go to town. This manual weed pulling may take longer than just raking, but I can get out the roots deep and get a better long term weed control.
  5. Plant spinach ✅. I put in the spinach disc and was bale to use my newest seeder. I planted three rows pretty close, as you can see by the tracks in the dirt. Hopefully this will give a large crop this spring.
  6. Pot up the tomatoes so they are not so “leggy” by potting most of the stem…did you hear that…plant the stem!!! The stem with its little hairs will actually become roots and make your tomato sturdier!
  7. Keep watering the seedlings

The trick in the spring is getting into the soil between the rain. It is suppose to rain Tuesday through Friday so I had to do most of my outdoor work Monday. That makes the rest of the indoor work to be saved for those rainy days! I know this is a short post but I am just trying to get a quick run down of where you should be at this point of the year. Any questions about growing seedlings, direct sewing, what to plant, etc. I am always willing to answer. Just comment below or on Facebook or twitter 🙂


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