Onions anybody?

Today is going to be a shorter post, even though there is  a lot going on here at home. Actually, the lot going on probably contributes to the shorter post. If you are looking for projects going on, on the homestead you can follow us on Facebook or any of my social media, and I try to post off of instagram when big things are happening. One thing that happened this past week was planting onions. Onions are an easier crop to grow. Unfortunately, if you remember my onions from seed failed, probably due to bad soil, so I picked up some sweet onion varieties at Jack and Dicks. I purchased walla wallas, red candy, and candy onion varieties. These onions come in a bunch. They are coupled with a rubber band, and you just have to keep the roots moist until they are planted.

2016-04-18 11.16.18To plant these sweet onions, you take the rubber band off.

Separate the onions from the bunch into an individual plant, trying to keep as much of the roots intact as possible (this can be a little tricky but they will survive even if some roots are lost).

2016-04-18 11.19.12.jpg

I then take a pencil or a tool I find that will make a hole big enough to place the onion in. I pull back the wood chips, punch the hole in the ground, and place the onion in the hole.

2016-04-18 11.19.37.jpg

I cover back up the onion with dirt that gets moved aside, and finally put the wood chips back over.

2016-04-18 11.21.51

2016-04-18 11.22.04

Spacing onions is relatively easy as well, since the root is directly off the onion, the biggest space constraint is the size the onion will get. Some walla wallas grow to be about softball size, so we try to give them about 6 inches from one plant to the next. This spacing allows them to be close but not to touch. All spacing that is close but not touching will help keep moisture in, weeds down, and maximize your gardening space.

Now since this is a new transplant, you want to make sure you water the plants in well.

Then we wait until fall for these babies to be ready.

Sometime this summer, just a quick heads up, the onion may try to produce seeds.

Picture from Fruition Seeds

It comes in the form of a flower out of the leaves, you can just snap this off so your onion continues to grow to its full potential.


So what are you planting in your garden this week?



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