Mother’s Day Week on the Homestead

Mother’s day is this Sunday! Did you know that mother’s day ends up making me think of a few things: flowers in bloom, annuals about to be planted, and the last frost! Last frost means time to plant all those things that have been growing in my basement for weeks! This is the time we get to see if the tomatoes, peppers, celery, basil, peanuts, etc. will grow and thrive! Unfortunately, this year has not been the best year growing seedlings. Some of our tomatoes look AMAZING, but our celery is tiny, the peanuts either grew well or didn’t grow at all, and our peppers in our soil blocks look WAY better than the one that grew in the 3×3 cells. 

I love seeing all the beauty in the flowers around the home, but even more I love all the pollinators that they bring!

These are the beautiful tomatoes and some of my not so great “other” plants but I think we will have enough and can push through with what we have, and if not then we will just have to go to the store.

Sooo what has been happening on this homestead? We have two rounds of carrots in the ground as of this week. We have the sweet corn planted, so it can get up and growing but the squash, beans and amaranth can get in soon to get mature as well. We have lots of plants coming up around the gardens.

DSC_0289DSC_0294DSC_0291One thing with my peas is that any peas used for shelling I want to plant all at once next year, and only do my edible pod peas in succession. This should make shelling an easier process later this season.


Broccoli that is sneaking up from seed that fell last year
lavender starting to green back up

This year we are going to have a very full garden, curtesy of the planning this winter, the over planting of seeds to make sure we had enough of things to go in the garden, and lastly a special thanks to Mr. Owl for protecting part of the garden from squirrels and birds that may have tore up some of my broccoli in the front.


I am pretty excited how the gardens are starting out and can’t wait to see the growth throughout the summer!

Well let’s see what is growing in your gardens! Go over to facebook, post some pics, and tag @Hobbiestohomestead!

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