Joining of Seeders

In the summer of 2015, I was reading the Market Gardener book. In the book, he talks about seeders and I have seen my father in law use these at his house too. I then made an off hand comment to my husband that I would really like a seeder, and thus the search apparently began? We were driving down the road, and there was a garage sell that had a seeder for $40, but Tim and I had already deteremined we only wanted to spend about $20 on a seeder. We did end up talking to the guy at the garage sale, and purchased my seeder for $20! We told one of our friends about our SWEET BUY, as a new one of these could go for $100

Our friend then thought he would go ahead and find a good buy on a seeder for us too. He went out and purchased a seeder for $10 and gave it to us for free, can’t complain about that! I wasn’t sure why I would need two of these seeders, but we took it anyway as Tim, my husband, said we could take the best parts off of each and join them together, and sell the other one.DSC_0028.JPG

We obviously went to work to join them together.


Tim started by taking all the parts off…


We then laid out all the parts and choose the best of each!


I even got involved in the washing down of each of the seeders, you know resale value, and just properly taking care of our tools as Tim would always say!


Tim then put the seeders back together.


Chewie did his supervision as normal!


And walah we had our seeder!

2016-03-06 20.19.56

These were some of the extra plates we had that went to our buyer of the second seeder.

2016-03-06 20.19.35

We actually were able to sell this seeder for $20, which gave us a complete wash on the whole deal.

2016-03-06 19.59.47

With just a little time and effort, maybe an hours worth of work, we have a very nice almost brand new seeder; were able to make all our money back; and and have more plates for the seeder than they normally come with.

What a great little project for our household! What kind of deals have you found on homestead stuff and where did you get it?


2 thoughts on “Joining of Seeders

  1. My dad gave us his old seeder. Their gardens aren’t very big anymore so he didn’t have a use for it. It has been a back saver when it comes to seeding our half-acre field with pumpkins and corn!

    We used to go to a lot of auctions, but the Amish always outbid us on the useful homestead equipment! We’d gotten a lot of nice decorative things though.


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