Too Crowded?

Today I looked at my husband and directly told him I have no ideas for my blog. It seems lame to go over and over with “garden updates” especially as I have been doing garden tour videos over at FACEBOOK. Tim said well that is easy you could do a blog on your flax and show why crowding is a problem. GENIUS!

I obviously took his idea, as it was more than anything I had and it was a great idea, hence the blog post title. I had planted flax earlier and it is in full swing. When I planted it last year I worked on following what the planting directions said and spaced it exactly, but there was definitely room to space it better for a bigger yield. Well I didn’t pay attention to how close I was planting this year, and then it came up. Let us just say it could be carpeting that is how close it is…

2016-06-01 10.04.58.jpg

When it first came up I didn’t think it was so thick, but as it has been growing you can see how stunted the inner flax is compared to the outside. This is all because of SPACE! You can see the difference more in this picture…

2016-06-01 10.57.42.jpg

To help with this I have started thinning the flax in the inner patch. This patch is so thick that I have pulled out large chunks and tried to thin it a little more but I know that the inside of this flax patch will definitely be hindered by the spacing this year. This is just a reminder bigger is not always better. The bigger amount of seed if not properly spaced or taken care of will not produce a good yield, so take the time, plant close but not too close. The spacing takes some research or time to get down, but it is worth the attempts. When thinking of spacing you want to get it so close to keep down weeds, but not so close that this hindering itself happens.

One plus is that when I picked out the big chunks of flax I was then able to at least feed that to the chickens and they really did enjoy that…

On this blog, I said I didn’t want to do a garden update, but with the lack of post last week I thought I would go over what I all did around the garden:

  1. I planted the amaranth, beans and squash
  2. I transplanted out the melons
  3. I moved the broccoli seedlings that were growing in-between the rocks
  4. I harvested lettuce and had a friend over to enjoy a nice salad with it
  5. Weeding for a little while here and there
  6. Gave garden tours 🙂
  7. Have enjoyed watching everything grow
  8. Harvested some spinach!
  9. Cleaned the chicken coop
  10. Trimmed our hedge

Below are some pictures from today of cool “progress” things in the garden:

2016-06-01 11.00.26
Beans coming up
2016-06-01 11.00.55
Kohlrabi growing
2016-06-01 11.12.27
Pea pods on the vines
2016-06-01 11.12.38
Spinach ready for harvest
2016-06-01 11.12.53
Kale starting to take off
2016-06-01 11.12.58
Lettuce growing…this probably needs some thinning too 😉

I am still working on spacing issues, but I know with trial and error I will get it in the long run. What have you had to thin at your house? Carrots? Lettuce? Flax ;)?


4 thoughts on “Too Crowded?

  1. Nothing yet! But just about everything with tiny seeds always needs to get thinned out a bit. I always seem to have germination issues with my cucumbers so I planted 3 seeds pretty much on top of each other this year and plan to thin them to only the strongest seedlings.

    I have toyed with the idea of making homemade seed tape, but I didn’t get to it this year. However, I do have some daisy seeds I’ve been meaning to plant that I could experiment with.


      1. I’ve tried a number of varieties, including Marketmore 76. I’ve had the problem every year since we started the garden. It doesn’t matter if they’re old or new, climbing or bush, pickling or slicing. Part of me thinks it’s the birds nipping the seed of the cotyledon and taking the rest of the plant with.


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