June Happenings

This week on the homestead there is a lot of harvesting, weeding and more planting! It is funny that I can get all the things in and on schedule but then when I get into the full swing it seems things start to get out of control!

This week we are starting to harvest more and more. Lettuce and spinach are coming out my ears, so some is making its way to the chickens. Strawberries are plentiful and 5 pints of jam have been made, as well as many berries consumed (both by people and chickens). Kohlrabi is finally finishing up. Peas are partially harvested, shelled and in the freezer. I am feeling pretty good about staying up on putting up the veggies for later.

The tomatoes are officially staked up and all the suckers removed. These tomatoes have also put on flowers. Onions and garlic have had their seed pods removed. The potatoes are flowering so now I will add more wood chips to them (to avoid sun exposure). Actually, the whole back garden could use more wood chips so that may be a weekend project!

I am going to be weeding the dill and cilantro as it is taking over a larger part of the garden than I would like. While that is weeded, obviously all the other weeds that are there will go too.

2016-06-22 06.58.17

Lastly, I am going to be doing some succession planting of lettuce, spinach, carrots, and cucumbers.

Anything specific you want to know about with your garden?


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