When Procrastination Hits

I started my year off very ambitious, got my calendar all set, the seeds all started, things in the ground (on time or early), but now we are at the end of June and that umph is already starting to wain. Well now we are a little behind on the calendar that was planned, but I am playing catch up this week.

2016-06-24 18.16.38This was my latest and just honest instagram post earlier in the week. The cilantro and dill became all consuming to the point you couldn’t see some of the onions or the corn and it was starting to overrun the celery and potatoes as well. So last week I went to it, I spent about four hours catching up on the weeding in the garden. While being out there I realized that some of the strawberries may have gotten a little too far gone and are pretty well done for the season now. Lucky for me we are onto the raspberry season! YUMMY!

But as it goes things continue to grow with or without my help, so if I am going to benefit I need to be a little more on top of things.


All the things on the calendar with the line through them, means those didn’t get done. The second crop of cucumbers (nope), the third and fourth planting of carrots (nope), planting another round of lettuce (nope). BUT! I did get my green beans in TODAY…only a few weeks late since they should have gone in on 6-6. As you can see though it is pea and carrot harvest time, so that will be happening soon.

My tomatoes this last week have really taken off, so today I spent an hour helping to trellis them/tie them up. I think the more I am on top of them being staked, the more sun they get, the bigger they grow, the harder it is to keep up; but I have really enjoyed watching the tomatoes go from seed, to flowers, to tomatoes.

All this work with tomatoes makes me very excited for August through October to harvest all these maters!

Also in the garden we have a lot of flowers right now, between the peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, the flax, and the lettuce. Today I enjoyed just sitting in the garden actually to see the pollinators buzzing around and enjoying the garden as much as me.

My red romaine with the earliest germination, had the best color, great taste, and was very abundant with production; because of these fantastic traits, I decided to let it bolt so I could save the seeds as a “winter lettuce.” The more I choose the trait of cold hardy hopefully I can get a romaine that is stronger in the winter and will germinate even as early as March. Below is a picture of the beautiful romaine starting to flower and give me the seeds with a great peak at the flax!

2016-06-29 09.10.18

What a fun week on the homestead, hopefully if you are falling behind this inspires you to get the umph back and get back to it, just like me!

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