Making cheese

My husband and I love going to the Mother Earth News Fair and last year he went to the One Hour Cheese Making speaker. We immediately purchased Claudia Lucero’s book and thought we would get right to it…

2016-08-06 18.13.25.jpg

Well it has been a year, but we finally made our first batch of cheese. We started by going out and buying some nice stainless steel utensils. The stainless steel is suppose to help keep it very clean and uncontaminated for the cheese making. We purchased a strainer, whisk, slotted spoon and a new pot. Now not all of those were probably necessary but who doesn’t like new kitchen tools!

2016-08-16 14.36.56.jpg

We then went out on the search for milk. The best store bought milk we could find was non-homogenized pasteurized milk. We then bought this all home and started cooking.

2016-08-06 18.13.21

It was SOOOO easy! All we did was heat up the milk until it was just starting to bubble. Then we slowly added our acid (which we used white wine vinegar) then BAM! Curds! Out of the pot came big beautiful cheese curds! We quickly salted and then chowed down all that cheese right away…I guess we need more milk to make more next time! We enjoyed them greatly we just wish it would have made more cheese.

2016-08-06 18.36.53.jpg

Then I had all this excess whey, but I found some uses for the whey! I froze it in the ice cube trays so it could be used in smoothies to add a bit of protein!

2016-08-16 14.37.23.jpg

Tim and I purchased vegetable rennet tablets to make other kinds of cheese here in the future. I am looking forward to all our future cheese making adventures, especially when we move and get our own cows! Have you ever made your own cheese?

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