Maters galore!

Tomatoes are everywhere! I have canned 15 cups of salsa this past week. I have frozen some tomatoes already too and just harvested yet another basket.Well that means this basket is going towards my roasted tomato soup recipe that I tried last year and simply adored!

2016-08-16 16.12.13.jpgThe recipe is pretty simple. Start by preheating your oven to 425ºF. Quarter your tomatoes. No peeling, no deseeding, nothing like that; just cut them in quarters. You then lay them all out on a lipped cookie sheet. Then add deseeded peppers, onions quartered without the skins, and cloves of garlic to the cookie sheet.

2016-08-18 13.31.29.jpgI used a variety of table onions and sweet onions but this is really all up to what you want it to taste like. Once the oven is preheated, add your cookie sheets to the oven to roast for about an hour.

2016-08-18 14.07.26.jpgThe tomatoes will start to loose juice and get darker in color. You then can let the cookie sheets rest until the vegetables all cool off, because we will be running them through a food mill or in a blender and you will want them around room temp, definitely NOT hot! I then just run all the contents from the cookie sheet through the food mill in my case (but a blender will work too it will just not get rid of the skins and seeds); this will remove the seeds and skins from the tomato stuff!

2016-08-18 16.49.43

2016-08-18 16.56.09
In the left bowl is all the junk I then give to the chickens and in the big bowl is my lovely soup!

I then take the bowl of tomato goodness and place it into a crockpot. I add spices like oregano, garlic and onion salt, regular salt, and parsley (you can really add whatever you would like to get the right flavor for you). I let this all cook on low for 8-10 hours so the flavors get nice and blended (I usually let it cook over night so I can clean up and get ready to can the next day).

2016-08-18 17.16.18So when I wake up the next morning I am ready to can, since this is not at all a balance recipe with acidity, I pressure can this soup. I can it at 15 pounds of pressure for 40 minutes using my all american canner.

2016-08-19 18.45.58

I made two cookie sheets worth of tomatoes and got about 12 cups of soup. This is by far one of my favorite recipes and when you open up the cans just add heavy cream or milk (since it is not recommended to can dairy products) to get the consistency and taste you like in your tomato soup! Can’t wait for fall and winter to enjoy all this yumminess! What are you currently making with all of your tomatoes?!?!? (COMMENT BELOW↓)

2016-08-20 17.44.18

7 thoughts on “Maters galore!

  1. Our tomato plants got hit by early blight and I wasn’t able to save most of them. Luckily we’ve got LOTS of stewed tomatoes from last year’s bumper crop still in the pantry. This year I’m trying more out-of-the-ordinary small-batch stuff that I haven’t done before.


  2. I’m actually dehydrating my tomatoes and making tomato powder. That way I can just re-hydrate them whenever I want, plus a little oil to get the texture back, and have soup, sauces, etc. I don’t have a pressure cooker so I can’t can my tomatoes. And I don’t have a deep freezer or I would freeze more of them!


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