Stocking up for winter!

I love soups in the winter! I love casseroles and hot dishes! I love dishes that contain lots of diced tomatoes and I like not having to buy these tomatoes because I prepared in the fall. Did you know it is really easy to make and can diced tomatoes?

2016-08-23 15.23.26.jpgThe key is to keep the tomato to acid (lemon juice) ratio in check. This can be accomplished by dicing up the tomatoes that you want to can into the sizes you want your diced tomatoes to be. I also removed the seeds from the tomatoes, but kept the skins on.

2016-08-23 16.34.46

Take the diced tomatoes (2 cups diced for a pint, and 4 cups diced for a quart approximately) and mix in 1/2 tea for pints or 1 tea for quarts of salt, and 1 tbsp for pints or 2 tbsp for quarts of lemon juice. You take all of this and then fill your sterilized jars. Add your lids and put on the rings and tighten.

2016-08-23 16.43.21

Lastly, you place all your jars in the boiling water of your hot water bath canner, and boil them for 40 minutes. Then bam! Take them out, wait for the amazing popping sounds and walah you have your canned diced tomatoes ready for winter.

One thing that did happen to me when making these tomatoes was a big homestead horror. I placed my batch of cans directly on the bottom of the water bath canner since I did not have enough room in my jar lifter. Shortly after, I began hearing this awful popping sound. I quickly ran over to the canner and checked what was going on, to find little tomato chunks floating around the canner when I lifted the lid! I quickly turned off the heat and pulled the cans out to find that two of my jars had cracked and were completely useless 😦 But live and learn, so the lesson there DO NOT put your jars directly on the bottom of the canner, ALWAYS use your jar lifter or whatever to keep your jars directly off the bottom and that direct heat! Otherwise, you may be sad from cracked jars like me! Luckily it was only two jars!

2016-08-23 17.00.23

What are some of the biggest things you have learned when preserving the harvest (whether it is canning, freezing, drying or proper storage)? ↓↓Comment below! ↓↓

3 thoughts on “Stocking up for winter!

  1. Something you can do is use a towel on the bottom of the canner if you don’t want to use the lifter. Of course this can make it a little harder to get the cans to sit flat but it does work. Then you have a soaking wet towel at the end to take care of but it’s better than a broken jar!


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