Next chapter in life?

If you didn’t know my blog’s tagline “Getting a blog started about my homestead journey from our 1/4 acre home to unknown possibilities.” Well this tagline may have to be changing soon. We officially have an accepted offer on our house, and the last bit that has to get done is the finance contingency for the person buying our house (which the appraisal happened Monday)! This originally was exciting on its own, but now we are even more excited because we have had our offer accepted on a house in the country!

So what does this mean? It means we will be moving from our 1/4 acre to a home on eight, yep you heard me EIGHT acres! We are getting pretty excited, but still seemingly have such a long way to go in this process that will all be done by November!

I feel like such a newbie when it comes to this home sale process but this is what I am currently learning. The first part is obviously finding the home! (Yep that picture below was at sunset over the back few acres at the new home!)

2016-09-22 18.26.36.jpgBut now we are onto the inspections and all that fun, but if all continues to go well we will be in by November 1st!

This new land will allow us to get growing out homestead from just chickens and a garden into dairy cows, bees, chickens, garden and orchards! So stay tuned for all the fun and hopefully my posts will become longer in the future but my brain is so scattered right now and I just wanted to share! Please pray that all the inspections and appraisals continue to go well and that all works out by November!

Thanks homesteaders!


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