Prepping for a new home!

We are getting closer and closer to actually closing on our future home! I am getting excited with the inspections finished, financing on its way and working on packing. In the midst of all of this it is nice to slow down though and plan how we want to use the area at our future home.

The first thing we had to do was determine what we wanted land for. My husband and I have bounced lots of ideas (well I have) and some have stuck and some have not. In the past I have had a lot of ideas, but now Tim and I have settled on the few things we really want to do with the land. We know that all these ideas will take money, and since that isn’t growing on trees, it will also take time. The things we want to use our land for includes bee keeping (Tim’s want), a small apple orchard with IPM, a good size garden to sell produce from, laying hens, and dairy cows.

Once we figured out what we wanted, it was up to us to determine how to use the land. This picture below shows an area over the pool (which will be going bye bye), this is the front part we plan to use to graze the dairy cows; we will also use the land past the tree line to graze on (this ends up being about 3 acres to graze on). 2016-10-06-09-41-07

We wanted to have a fair size garden so we plan to put that to the right of our grazing area (see the pic below). This is a fair area for a garden, so we also plan to use part of it for a company hangout area.


The bees will be placed to the right of the house, probably. You can see the house and the neighbors land next to us. Tim is also a big fan of all these full grown trees.


The orchard will be at the far backside of the property.


Now that we have the how we want to use the land, all that is left is to implement it! All of these pictures, and planning, and packing is very much getting me excited, and I can’t wait to share all the things we are learning as we go!

What do you/would you do with your farm? Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts, comment below↓↓↓↓.


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