Returning to normalcy

Well moving is out of the beginning stages of crazy! We are getting back to normal life, which means I have to return to some of my “normal” taking care of house things. Two things that came to mind when it comes to taking care of home are cleaning and my dog. That is why this post is going to be on making my laundry detergent and next week will be my recipe for oh so simple dog treats.

First disclaimer is that my laundry recipe is not my own it can be found here but I have been using this recipe for about three years now. It is simple, liquid in form and super cheap! I purchased a box of borax and washing soda when I first starting making the soap, and I still have plenty left and have even given some of them away. I would purchase a container to place the remainder of the wash soda in, because it does dry out and becomes so difficult to break apart. The only part of the laundry soap I have to buy every other time I make it is my bar of fels-naptha. All of the ingredients are usually found down the laundry aisle, but may take some looking for.


So the first step to making the laundry detergent is to grate the fels-naptha. This helps to melt it easier. I use my regular cheese grater to grate this as well; but if that weirds you out, feel free to buy a separate grater. I only use ½ bar at once, otherwise this makes too much laundry detergent for us, so I store the second half in a bag (which is what is pictured above) Once the fels-naptha is grated, add it to two cups of hot water in a pot.

While the fels-naptha is melting, I go ahead and start filling my 5-gallon bucket with one to one and a half gallons of hot water. I add my ¼ cup of borax and my ½ cup of washing soda to the 5-gallon bucket.


Once the fels-naptha is no longer visible in chunks, but has melted thoroughly, I add it to the 5-gallon bucket. I then use a paint stirrer that goes on the end of my drill, and stir the contents in the bucket.

After the contents have been stirred, I then fill up the bucket to about the 2 ½ gallon mark. This then sits over night and gels a bit.

In the morning, I then add the remainder of the water to make a total of 5 gallons of laundry soap and stir it once more. I then have a small milk jug that I use to store one gallons worth in at a time. This one-gallon container allows me to shake the soap before each use with ease and is a smaller container to have to handle. Each wash gets the same amount of laundry soap that a normal store brand would require- so I use my old TIDE lid to measure out each load, and set it next to my milk jug to store it (I am not sure how this works for HE washing machines though…that conversion may be different).

Note: I am sure you could probably go a bit more “pinterest perfect” and get a decorative gallon canning jar and a nice measuring cup or something, but this cheap and not so cute way of storing the soap works just fine for those budget conscience people! 😉

That is all it takes to make the laundry soap and probably only takes 30 minutes total. You can also control the scent of the laundry soap, if you want it scented, by adding essential oils to give the scent you are looking for.

Do you make your own laundry soap? If so, do you scent it and what are some of your favorite scents for the laundry! Comment below ⇓

PS. I am starting to design our future laundry space and would love to hear about your laundry areas (what you like and what you don’t!) The more ideas the better!



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