Projects and poultry!

We finally are starting to settle in at our new house. Unfortunately, we have a pretty big project we had to start with right off the bat. Our shower was very weak due to some old pipes, so Tim and his dad replaced the pipes for the shower. This project lead to Tim also redoing the plumbing, electric and drain for the washer and dryer, which makes all the plumbing and such in the wall, not in the pantry!) Since the pantry walls got torn up, we have been without a pantry since we moved in, in early November!


Yes, I have been living without a pantry! Living with your food and some cooking gizmos still in boxes, is proving to be a small challenge but we are definitely getting through it.

2016-11-12 18.45.34.jpgYes the above picture is reality until those shelves get done. The good news is the pantry is on the way! Tim placed an outlet for the microwave to be set in the pantry, and he also put in a canned light so the pantry won’t be nearly as dark! We also officially have walls now that are painted, and are starting to get shelves.

It is exciting to see plans starting to come together.

Speaking of plans, we have plans to order chicks for the spring! I am very excited about one breed in particular.

fb70f23241c0536b453f83c8abe2bbf8They are called Blue Splash Marans!!! Isn’t she beautiful?!?! I am excited cause the chicks are pretty expensive but this year we are going to order a rooster and some hens to hopefully learn how to breed and sell some of these beauties! I am sure we will get plenty of other chickens to go along with these guys, but let me just say I am a big fan!

I will let you know our hatchery experiences, as for now, we are just getting some catalogs and looking to see what is available. Luckily, we have found a hatchery in Wisconsin, that is about 140 miles from us, but my friend and I may have a day trip where we go visit and pick up an order of birds.

Fun fun! Projects and poultry! What is your favorite breed of chickens and why?!?! Let’s here it people! Comment below ↓


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