Making Margin

This blog post may seem off topic to the hobbies to homestead norm. It may seem like it is coming out of nowhere, and to be honest, it kind of is. Moving has opened up my eyes even more to the anti-social society we live in. We had neighbors so close where we use to live, but hardly spoke to them (except Jerry of course, we couldn’t help but talk to Jerry J)

Now we live on 8 acres, our next-door neighbor is a farm field away, and the other is across a grassy field. They are much farther than our previous neighbors.image

This brings me to my point; my husband had a neighbor stop by the other day. She invited us to the community center for a Christmas program. We are going to a community event,

This little lady is now home safe!

because community is important. We had a dog show up on our property the other day, so I got to meet the neighbors as I sought to see who owned the dog. It is amazing how people just want to connect as the next-door neighbor invited me in and wanted to know a little bit about us. People are important.


I used to think I had no room in my week to get together with people, more than I already was. I didn’t think we had time for dinners with friends, and family or extra time to spend at a friend’s house. I now realize, I have a lot of time, and that time is freed up because living on the farm we are minimizing our technology.

We now live in a world where we are ruled by technology. Technology is how we “interact” and feel connected, but we are not truly connecting at all. (The irony of a blogger writing about the horrors of technology really is not lost on me.)

We moved to the country, and in doing so we realized we do not need internet. Not only is it expensive for satellite internet, it was unnecessary. We can check things on the internet at the library (where we are purposefully seeking to use the internet), or at work on our breaks, etc. We do not need internet. So we have gotten rid of our internet. It has been freeing. I am not constantly checking facebook or instagram or pinterest. I am not waking up in the morning or going to bed and thinking I have to check social media to see what is happening. I am free from the bondage that the internet had on me in. It is amazing to think about the time wasted and the moments we have missed out on due to internet.


Monday, my husband came home and we sat at the dinner table for TWO HOURS! Why? We were enjoying catching up (I had worked the weekend and we hadn’t seen much of each other that weekend), and we were enjoying just being with each other. Honestly, our dinnertime used to look a lot different. We would plop on the couch and eat as we watched a TV show, or we would sit at the dining room table and scarf down everything and then go to our computer or phone for the evening! WHAT A WASTE! Now, maybe we are the only family out there that does that, but I doubt it. I doubt it when we go to Thanksgiving and everyone is on their phones taking pictures, and it all being about the social media photos. I doubt it when you go to a friend’s house and they sit on their phone the entire night instead of connecting with you. I doubt it when you pass people in restaurants glued to their phone. I doubt we are truly connecting.

So what am I doing different? I am making margin. I am making sure that when I am with people I am intentionally with them. I am making sure that when I am on the internet it is purposeful and not just “getting lost” scrolling through facebook. I am seeking out ways to be intentional, because now that there is margin in my life, I can be so much more intentional.

How purposeful are you being with your time? Do you think the internet is a huge distraction in your life? Are you glued to your phone or social media?

Try for a week to forget about it all. One week! Could you do it?


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