Easy mistakes for growing seedlings!

I was asked to do a blog on my mad ninja skills for starting seeds! I have been seed starting for five years now and while I may not say I am a black belt seed starter I can say I definitely have gotten better!


This is a quick run down of things not to do:

1. Do not let your seedlings dry out…they will start to wilt and the soil will be dry (you can keep a plastic cover on the seed tray)


2. Do not let your seedlings get too wet…you will start to see a moss type growth on top of the soil (you can blow a small fan across the soil to dry it out quicker)

If you can over water and under water I always stay inbetween by watching the soil to see if it looks damp, if so I skip watering, if it looks dry I water so the water flows out of the bottom of the seed tray.

3. Spindly seedlings can be too little light or the light is too far away. Keep the grow lights with a blue spectrum tint a maximum of two inches above the plants.

4. If your not getting seedlings to sprout, you could be underwatering or you don’t have enough heat (try heat mats).

5. Seedling becomes root bound. When your seedlings start to get larger you will want to make sure to pot up the seedlings to larger container. The larger container should be filled with potting soil vs seed starting soil, because potting soil has more nutrients to help the plants grow. Seed starting soil has less nutrients because the seed has most of the nutrients needed.


What are some other issues you have had starting seed? These were my most common issues that I have come across and have dealt with! Hope this little bit helps while you set up your seeds for this year šŸŒ±


7 thoughts on “Easy mistakes for growing seedlings!

  1. My husband doesn’t have any carpenter skills & anything I manage to cobble together doesn’t serve it’s purpose.
    Another struggle this year trying to think of a way to set adequate lighting up.
    No S facing window either


  2. Hi, Happy to share what I found to be the easiest way to handle watering tiny seedlings was finding a small Haws watering can with a shower head. Very gentle. I used to use a spray bottle with a pump and a trigger but may have been one of the reason for carpel tunnel. Also a small clean dish soap bottle can work.


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