About Our Family

Back in 2012 we started out “tiny homestead” at the house pictured below. It was in town and was only on 1/4 acre, but we made that 1/4 acre work!


Then in November 2016, we finally bought our dream property. 8 acres with a few outbuildings and our new home! We have big plans for this homestead and are excited to share that whole journey with you!

So let me introduce you to the crew:

I am Amanda…I am a Christian, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a homesteader. I am the hands of the blog (literally any hands that are holding something are usually mine). I do the writing and a lot of the gardening, chicken caring and animal loving over at our homestead. I also do more of the homemade products and cooking!

My husband, Tim, and I got married back in August 2012. He is an integral part of our homestead. He helps with the gardening, but more importantly builds and fixes things all over our homestead. He usually makes quite a few appearances in name on the blog and a few pictures when I can get him to agree to them!

We have our dog, Chewie! He was adopted in September of 2012 and is our Rotten Chow as I like to call him (since they assume he is Rotweiler and Chow chow in breed.) He likes to help with projects by laying around and watching! He is a total momma’s boy!

Lastly we have our flock, which currently is only three hens, but don’t you worry! That will definitely be growing this spring!!

Hope you enjoy the blog and get involved over at Facebook or instagram or twitter with us! I have a pinterest as well, I just am not over there enough to warrant telling you to go there 😉



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