Direct sew vs transplants

Most people who garden know there are two ways that you can get plants to grow. The first way is direct sew where you take a seed, put it in the ground and it grows there until maturity. The second way is transplanting, this is where a seed is placed in a soil block or seed starting mixture, the seed grows and when it is warm enough outside and the plant is ready, you put the plant into the ground. Right now we are in both stages. Most of our transplants are started inside, but we are starting to get into the direct sewing stage as well.

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What a Glorious Day!

The broad fork is done! Steel is cut, welded together, hardened, painted, and the wood handles are in place! This has been a work in progress since Christmas but, Today…TODAY, I USED MY BROAD FORK! Now I do have to admit the broad fork is heavy (probably 30-50lbs), but it works wonders.  Continue reading “What a Glorious Day!”

Holy Week on the Homestead

As a Christian, Holy week is a big deal! It is the great coming of our King into Jerusalem, Him giving up his life for all of us, and ends at the wonderful RESURRECTION! Holy week while it has many big events in my faith, it also marks some events in the gardening community. My husband was always taught by his dad that Good Friday is the day to get potatoes and onions in the ground!

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What is that thing?

On Sunday (1-10), I posted three pictures of my family working on a “special kind of something” on Facebook. I had people guessing at what the heck “that thing” could be. Well here is the answer…it is a BROAD FORK.

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What To Do Now That It’s Winter!

Now that it is winter is the time to kick up my feet and relax…well sort of!

In the winter is when I start my planning for next season. What new tools would make next season easier? Am I growing for just my family or am I growing to sell this year? What kind of plants do I want to grow? How many plants do I need to grow? Where are the plants going to go in the garden? Continue reading “What To Do Now That It’s Winter!”