Stocking up for winter!

I love soups in the winter! I love casseroles and hot dishes! I love dishes that contain lots of diced tomatoes and I like not having to buy these tomatoes because I prepared in the fall. Did you know it is really easy to make and can diced tomatoes?

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Maters galore!

Tomatoes are everywhere! I have canned 15 cups of salsa this past week. I have frozen some tomatoes already too and just harvested yet another basket.Well that means this basket is going towards my roasted tomato soup recipe that I tried last year and simply adored!

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Preserving the Harvest

I have had a lot of questions lately about how do we extend the harvest, so I thought I would do a quick over view of different methods to do this. There are a few different methods: freezing, canning, dehydrating, or storing properly. I have and do all four of these methods depending on my different needs. I determine these needs with a simple question…how do I use this item throughout the year?

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