Projects and poultry!

We finally are starting to settle in at our new house. Unfortunately, we have a pretty big project we had to start with right off the bat. Our shower was very weak due to some old pipes, so Tim and his dad replaced the pipes for the shower. This project lead to Tim also redoing the plumbing, electric and drain for the washer and dryer, which makes all the plumbing and such in the wall, not in the pantry!) Since the pantry walls got torn up, we have been without a pantry since we moved in, in early November!

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Making it work

We moved! It is official! We own 8 acres! And with the 8 acres came a barn! We had decided we would put the chickens in the barn and make it work!


We had started building part of the corner of the barn into a chicken pen. This way they would have room and be okay from predators. Tim went right to work building the new pen.


We started by framing out the area, then we predator proofed the inside of the area with some plywood that was found left in the barn (hence the white board on the bottom of the wall)

After the framing and predator proofing was done, we found some old hinges and made a quick plywood door. For locks we just took small pieces of wood and screwed them in loose, to hold the door shut and to get out of the way nice and easy!


The next thing to do was attach the chicken wire to the framing. The chicken wire ran all the way from the framing to the rafters to help keep predators from climbing in! Once the wire was in all we had to do were finishing touches, roost poles and nesting boxes, place the bedding on the floor and get food and water available.


The chickens definitely enjoy the space in their new area and I am enjoying my new space too!

So what was the point of this post? To show off the new area for our girls? Maybe. To show off our new farm? Maybe a little. But really the point of this post was to say you can make a full structure in an afternoon and to remember just because you make something, doesn’t mean it has to be permanent! So get out there and learn as you go but just do it! Don’t let the paralysis of analysis set in!

So here is a little bit of showing off the farm! 😉

What is something you have been wanting to do but aren’t sure even where to start? What is the new thing you want to do this coming year? Comment below⬇️⬇️

Prepping for a new home!

We are getting closer and closer to actually closing on our future home! I am getting excited with the inspections finished, financing on its way and working on packing. In the midst of all of this it is nice to slow down though and plan how we want to use the area at our future home.

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Too Crowded?

Today I looked at my husband and directly told him I have no ideas for my blog. It seems lame to go over and over with “garden updates” especially as I have been doing garden tour videos over at FACEBOOK. Tim said well that is easy you could do a blog on your flax and show why crowding is a problem. GENIUS!

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What a Glorious Day!

The broad fork is done! Steel is cut, welded together, hardened, painted, and the wood handles are in place! This has been a work in progress since Christmas but, Today…TODAY, I USED MY BROAD FORK! Now I do have to admit the broad fork is heavy (probably 30-50lbs), but it works wonders.  Continue reading “What a Glorious Day!”

Getting Ready for Winter- Chicken style!

HELLO! Quick disclaimer this blog is more for those people who are interested or are currently raising chickens, or just want to see what I have been up to around our tiny homestead! Since most of the yard work is done and has been talked about in previous posts, this is about another aspect of our homestead getting ready for winter. Continue reading “Getting Ready for Winter- Chicken style!”