Oh so simple dog treats!

Last weeks blog post eluded to what was coming this week: dog treats!! A few months ago, we received a trial bag of dog treats called Sams Yams. These treats were suppose to be good for our dogs teeth, and a more substantial dog treat (not just bite size, inhaled in a second treat), but not as big as a bone. Well let us just say Chewie LOVED these treats!

I did not, however; want to pay what they were asking for ridged yams. This then put me on the path to making my own treats from sweet potatoes. I am pretty lucky that it just happens to be fall time and yams are CHEAP (like $0.50 a yam). A yam can easily make 25-30 potato chip sized dog treats, or 5-10 larger dog treats, which turns out to be a pretty sweet deal.

To make the potato chip treats, I can cut them two ways. The first way is to just slice them with a knife. The second way is to use my potato slicer, and slice them with the ridged blade, so that there is a little more texture (this is what is suppose to help their teeth, supposedly). If I am making the long ones, I just cut them lengthwise with my knife, because the guard on my potato slicer won’t let me slice them. I then place all the slices onto my dehydrator and they will become crunchy if you are doing the chips, and slightly chewy if you are doing the larger ones.

You can also dehydrate other fruits and vegetables for dogs for smaller dog treat. My dog loves bananas, so I can slice up bananas and make dehydrated banana chips and he is in little doggie heaven!

I do also have recipes for other dog treats that I have made in the past. These other treats are more time and financially intensive, but make a good gift for friend or family’s canines in the holiday season. I do enjoy the ease of the yam treats though, so I will probably stick with them for a while!

Do you make dog treats for your canine buddy? What are some of your favorite treats to make?