When Procrastination Hits

I started my year off very ambitious, got my calendar all set, the seeds all started, things in the ground (on time or early), but now we are at the end of June and that umph is already starting to wain. Well now we are a little behind on the calendar that was planned, but I am playing catch up this week.

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Too Crowded?

Today I looked at my husband and directly told him I have no ideas for my blog. It seems lame to go over and over with “garden updates” especially as I have been doing garden tour videos over at FACEBOOK. Tim said well that is easy you could do a blog on your flax and show why crowding is a problem. GENIUS!

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New Crop 2015: Flax

Every year we try at least one new crop, since we are just starting out. This year we decided to try our hand at flax, for seed. You can also grow flax for its fiber, but this requires a balancing act between when you can harvest the stalks for fiber and still have the most seed pods mature. I ordered my flax seed through Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I got about 100 seeds. The variety I ordered was an annual, meaning it will only come up this year. Continue reading “New Crop 2015: Flax”