Pollinators are a Garden’s Best Friend

I love bugs! Actually, I love all animals. Bugs are just so amazing to me. All the detail in such a small creature, the importance of them in our ecosystems, and how intricate their interactions with one another has always been intriguing to me. I guess this is one of the main reasons I am a science type. One of my favorite pollinators to watch is the bumblebee…

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Mother’s Day Week on the Homestead

Mother’s day is this Sunday! Did you know that mother’s day ends up making me think of a few things: flowers in bloom, annuals about to be planted, and the last frost! Last frost means time to plant all those things that have been growing in my basement for weeks! This is the time we get to see if the tomatoes, peppers, celery, basil, peanuts, etc. will grow and thrive! Unfortunately, this year has not been the best year growing seedlings. Some of our tomatoes look AMAZING, but our celery is tiny, the peanuts either grew well or didn’t grow at all, and our peppers in our soil blocks look WAY better than the one that grew in the 3×3 cells.  Continue reading “Mother’s Day Week on the Homestead”