Onions anybody?

Today is going to be a shorter post, even though there is  a lot going on here at home. Actually, the lot going on probably contributes to the shorter post. If you are looking for projects going on, on the homestead you can follow us on Facebook or any of my social media, and I try to post off of instagram when big things are happening. One thing that happened this past week was planting onions. Onions are an easier crop to grow. Unfortunately, if you remember my onions from seed failed, probably due to bad soil, so I picked up some sweet onion varieties at Jack and Dicks. I purchased walla wallas, red candy, and candy onion varieties. These onions come in a bunch. They are coupled with a rubber band, and you just have to keep the roots moist until they are planted.

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Direct sew vs transplants

Most people who garden know there are two ways that you can get plants to grow. The first way is direct sew where you take a seed, put it in the ground and it grows there until maturity. The second way is transplanting, this is where a seed is placed in a soil block or seed starting mixture, the seed grows and when it is warm enough outside and the plant is ready, you put the plant into the ground. Right now we are in both stages. Most of our transplants are started inside, but we are starting to get into the direct sewing stage as well.

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