When Procrastination Hits

I started my year off very ambitious, got my calendar all set, the seeds all started, things in the ground (on time or early), but now we are at the end of June and that umph is already starting to wain. Well now we are a little behind on the calendar that was planned, but I am playing catch up this week.

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2016 Goals

Hello all! Part of my 2016 goals is to become more consistent in my blogging. In order to do this I may expand out my topics past the garden. I have branched out with the recipes page but want to take it further. This blog will really start to include ALL of my “hobbies” from homemade cleaning products, homemade personal care products, sewing projects (once I get good enough), etc. etc. I am excited about all those possibilities, but for this week I will be sticking with the good ol’ seed starting. Continue reading “2016 Goals”

Planning out the Garden!

WE ARE AT THE END OF JANUARY! It is crazy to think how quickly this winter is going! Seed starting begins next month already, which means I need to plan how much to grow. Luckily, I had a kick in the pants moment yesterday, where a coworker and I got to discuss how many plants you need to grow, what you need to grow seedlings, and the space it requires. This all starts with my garden plan. My garden plan is how I look back at previous years to determine what would grow best in the spaces this year, how plants do together (companion planting), how much we need to grow, and what crops pair well for succession planting. Continue reading “Planning out the Garden!”

Planning for success!

Well we officially had a snow storm/ice storm yesterday, so this gave me some time to plan out my garden. I decided to plan the layout of when seeds need to be sewed indoors, transplanted outside, direct seeded outside and approximate harvest time. Continue reading “Planning for success!”