Welcome Spring!

We probably all have noticed the beautiful weather that is coming about (at least here in Wisconsin!), people are out jogging, dogs are being walked, and today I even saw my tulips were starting to come up! (NO JOKE!) I love these signs of spring! Spring triggers my inner gardener urge to plant stuff and play in dirt!

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2016 Goals

Hello all! Part of my 2016 goals is to become more consistent in my blogging. In order to do this I may expand out my topics past the garden. I have branched out with the recipes page but want to take it further. This blog will really start to include ALL of my “hobbies” from homemade cleaning products, homemade personal care products, sewing projects (once I get good enough), etc. etc. I am excited about all those possibilities, but for this week I will be sticking with the good ol’ seed starting. Continue reading “2016 Goals”

What To Do Now That It’s Winter!

Now that it is winter is the time to kick up my feet and relax…well sort of!

In the winter is when I start my planning for next season. What new tools would make next season easier? Am I growing for just my family or am I growing to sell this year? What kind of plants do I want to grow? How many plants do I need to grow? Where are the plants going to go in the garden? Continue reading “What To Do Now That It’s Winter!”