Joining of Seeders

In the summer of 2015, I was reading the Market Gardener book. In the book, he talks about seeders and I have seen my father in law use these at his house too. I then made an off hand comment to my husband that I would really like a seeder, and thus the search apparently began? We were driving down the road, and there was a garage sell that had a seeder for $40, but Tim and I had already deteremined we only wanted to spend about $20 on a seeder. We did end up talking to the guy at the garage sale, and purchased my seeder for $20! We told one of our friends about our SWEET BUY, as a new one of these could go for $100Continue reading “Joining of Seeders”

April showers bring May flowers


Spring keeps moving forward and fast, though the weather hasn’t made up its mind between snowing, raining, sleeting and sunshine. I have a hard time keeping straight the days and weeks so it is a good thing I planned out my calendar over the winter. Below is a little checklist I put together for this first week of April… Continue reading “April showers bring May flowers”

What To Do Now That It’s Winter!

Now that it is winter is the time to kick up my feet and relax…well sort of!

In the winter is when I start my planning for next season. What new tools would make next season easier? Am I growing for just my family or am I growing to sell this year? What kind of plants do I want to grow? How many plants do I need to grow? Where are the plants going to go in the garden? Continue reading “What To Do Now That It’s Winter!”