Free Seed?!?!

Every gardening season starts with simple, little seeds. These seeds are what kick starts everything and luckily all the plants grown naturally produce seed, which we can save. The way to save seed changes by plant type (pepper vs. tomato) and the type of seeds being produced (hybrid, open pollinated, heirloom). The type of seed matters because once a hybrid seed is planted it can no longer produce viable seed, so if you are saving seed for the next year, you will want either an heirloom or open pollinated variety.

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Stocking up for winter!

I love soups in the winter! I love casseroles and hot dishes! I love dishes that contain lots of diced tomatoes and I like not having to buy these tomatoes because I prepared in the fall. Did you know it is really easy to make and can diced tomatoes?

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Maters galore!

Tomatoes are everywhere! I have canned 15 cups of salsa this past week. I have frozen some tomatoes already too and just harvested yet another basket.Well that means this basket is going towards my roasted tomato soup recipe that I tried last year and simply adored!

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